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Myth #16: You can’t cheat if you want to succeed

I had been going solid for a month, and I was down 8lbs, which was awesome! (Note: 1-2 pounds per week is healthy. You do not need to lose weight any faster than this!)  Then he told me it was time. Time for a...wait for it!...A cheat meal! First, that's a thing? Really?! But second, holy biscuits,… Continue reading Myth #16: You can’t cheat if you want to succeed

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Sit. Stay

This was oringally posted on my other blog, "Real. Fit.".  But when it came up on my feed, I realized I needed this reminder. Again.  You wouldn't believe how often I hear it: "I don't have time to eat." Which is even more silly than "I don't have time to cook." (Post on that coming,… Continue reading Sit. Stay


“You take better care of your car than you do your body…”

When a wreck totaled my car last year, I decided that I could no longer justify having a nice (expensive) car. My previous career necessitated having something that looked nice, but I haven't been in that job in 3 years.  So I got a well loved, but well cared for, 2002 Toyota Highlander.  It had… Continue reading “You take better care of your car than you do your body…”

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“Secure YOUR Oxygen Mask First”

I used to fly fairly often, but since I’ve changed careers, it’s been years. I flew frequently enough that I didn’t bother to listen to the schpiel at the beginning of the flight. “Blah blah blah… phone in airplane mode… blah blah blah… exit row…may be required to assist… blah blah blah…snacks available for purchase…blah… Continue reading “Secure YOUR Oxygen Mask First”