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8 Breakfasts for THOSE mornings…

Mornings can be rough.  Let's face it-- when you're trying to get out the door is exactly when All. The. Things. are gonna go wrong.  But of course, you know better than to not eat breakfast, right? Right. So here's are some options that will get you through-- and meet most of Pudge's rules for… Continue reading 8 Breakfasts for THOSE mornings…

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High Protein Breakfast Parfait

Y'all.  My kitchen is a construction disaster! And I am just not in the mood to battle the mess to cook.  You've been there, right? But a girl still has to eat. Soooo, here was my quick, no-fuss, but still healthy breakfast plan: High Protein Breakfast Parfait. Here's what I love about it: Greek Yogurt:… Continue reading High Protein Breakfast Parfait

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Eat Jelly Beans and Donuts

After learning I had lost 100lbs with only diet and exercise, someone asked me a question that I haven't been able to get out of my head:  "How did you quit eating?" I can't remember what I said, because the question caught me so completely off guard. I'm sure I didn't say anything very helpful… Continue reading Eat Jelly Beans and Donuts

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Myth #29: You can’t follow a meal plan

As this series is coming to an end,  you've heard me mention meal plans a plethora of times. I've told you  You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet.  I've talked about why you need Protein and  said  you need more than you think.  But my mama didn't raise no fool! I know both from my own personal fight experience… Continue reading Myth #29: You can’t follow a meal plan

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Raise Your Glass: Apple Pie Protein Shake

In today’s edition of “hide the taste of your protein”, here’s a great one that’s easy as... well, apple pie. If you want to know why I think whey is great (though not great tasting) or why protein is so important and how much you need, check out some of my earlier posts! But for… Continue reading Raise Your Glass: Apple Pie Protein Shake