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Raise Your Glass: Cranberry Maple Protein Shake

It finally feels like fall! Good thing I don't have access to all the emojis from my IPhone, or I'd plaster them everywhere.  I'm a fall kinda girl. But I also start to want food that reminds me of fall.  And while I believe in protein, especially Whey, I also want to not taste it.… Continue reading Raise Your Glass: Cranberry Maple Protein Shake


Lighter Applesauce pork chops

One of the questions I get most frequently isn't how to's how to find time to cook and not lose your mind.    I don't have great answers for that, but I've got some go-to's that get me through when it's one of those weeks. The Crock Pot makes my life happier for sure.… Continue reading Lighter Applesauce pork chops