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Myth #20: It’s Just About Weight Loss

According to the CDC, over 1/3 of the United States is Obese! Another 1/3 is listed as overweight.  If math is your thing, then you realize that only leaves 1/3 of the population as healthy. That probably isn't news to you... or at least not that there is a problem. You've heard it before.  But… Continue reading Myth #20: It’s Just About Weight Loss

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“Secure YOUR Oxygen Mask First”

I used to fly fairly often, but since I’ve changed careers, it’s been years. I flew frequently enough that I didn’t bother to listen to the schpiel at the beginning of the flight. “Blah blah blah… phone in airplane mode… blah blah blah… exit row…may be required to assist… blah blah blah…snacks available for purchase…blah… Continue reading “Secure YOUR Oxygen Mask First”