Pudge Wear:

Remind yourself what you’re about. Annnnnd show your commitment to your hold at the same time. These designs are available on clothing, bags, waterbottles, etc. Click the blue link to be taken to my cafepress store!

Buy t-shirts, mugs & gifts from my shop.

Seminars/Public Speaking

Looking to have a unique topic for your business, civic or religious organization? Why not share the gift of health and wellness with those in your group? Kim (“Pudge”) has extensive public speaking experience and is available to talk to your group about topics related to exercise, nutrition, health and aging, or best practices related to healthy living. Please contact me if you’re interested in more information!

Custom Meal Plans

I’ve said it 1000 times on this blog and in real life, and I’ll keep saying it.  A meal plan is your golden ticket to success.  If your nutrition isn’t right, nothing you do in the gym will bring your results. A good meal plan will ensure you’re eating the right amount of calories and in the macronutrient proportions your body needs. Annnnd, a meal plan is how you actually learn to eat, so that you can be successful anywhere, anytime.   Let “Pudge” design your meal plan!  Anyone is welcome to purchase a meal plan, and with some basic information, I can design it for your needs and lifestyle. These meal plans feature real food, that you can find anywhere.

If you’re not local, I send meal plans electronically.  You can purchase one at the Real. Fit. Online Store.  Please understand that these are not “one size fits all” so these are not instant downloads.   Real. Fit. Online Store

Personal Training

Please click here if you want to know about  my experience, credentials, or training philosophies.

I train out of Legacy Fitness in Franklin, North Carolina.  If you’d like to purchase training sessions or class punch cards, please visit my Real. Fit. Online Store.  Gift cards are available as well! Give the gift of health for a birthday or holiday!

Please note, only CURRENT clients of mine can purchase training sessions or packages.  If you’re interested in becoming a client or finding out more, please contact me using the “Contact” page or by calling/texting 828-332-2508.

Group Classes

I teach several classes per week at Legacy Fitness in Franklin, North Carolina, including a High Intensity Interval Training Class and a Low Intensity Interval Training Class.  For more information please contact me, or to purchase “punch cards” for classes, please visit the Real. Fit. Online Store.  Gift cards are available as well!