Personal Training

My CredentialsIMG_0109

I’m an Elite Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association. I have specializations in :

  • Senior Fitness
  • Fitness Nutrition
  • Exercicse Therapy
  • Corrective Exercise

My Experience


More than anything I’ve learned out of a book, I’ve lived it! I’ve lost 100lbs through ONLY exercise and proper nutrition– and I’ve kept it off. I’ve learned most of what I know through experience.  But I’ve been extra fortunate to have been mentored by my trainer for four years.  He’s a master certified IMG_4148
trainer and he’s been at this for 42 years.  He’s taught me things no book or certification could ever teach!

I’ve worked with a variety of populations including:

  • Females and Males, ages 16-99.
  • People with only a few pounds to lose to people in excess of 400lbs
  • Clients with hip, knee, and shoulder replacements
  • Gastric Bypass Patients
  • Diabetics
  • People with mobility issues


My Training Philosophies

  • IMG_0110Believing in Yourself and capacity to change is the MOST important factor in success.
  • I believe in meeting people where they are and helping them become who they want to be.
  • I look at the body as a whole– not just where a person is carrying a few extra pounds.  I help my clients balance their bodies across the planes of motion, which helps ensure their safety and efficacy of any program. To this end, I believe dumbbells are far superior to machines or straight bars (and I will never use a straight bar with a beginner!).  I care not only about how the body looks, and helping a person feel comfortable in their skin, but how the body functions.  I work with clients to improve joint stability and range of motion, where those are areas of concern.
  • I believe Functional Fitness (being able to do what you want and need to do in your life) is vital.  Whether it’s being able to get up off the floor after playing with your grandchildren, get in a game of golf with no pain, or carry your purse without your shoulder hurting, these things matter. My goal is to help you get to your goals.
  • I believe that success cannot happen without proper nutrition.  I’m happy to help you in the gym with your strength, flexibility, and endurance goals, but if you want your body to change, you must have the nutrition to match.  By following the meal plans my trainer designed for me, I not only lost 100lbs, but I learned how to eat.
  • I believe strength training is essential, no matter who you are.  There are a lot of different methods of training, and there is one that is appropriate for each person.
  • I believe that you must be challenged to be changed, but that being said, I will never ask you to do something which you are not capable of doing.


I will never…

  • Put you on a treadmill (unless it’s for a rehabilitative purpose.) If you want to know why I think treadmills are ridiculous, please ask me.
  • Encourage you to try gimmicks.
  • Allow you to do more than your body is ready to do.


Find Your Happy-Healthy with Me:

If you’re ready to get started on being the best you, please contact me!  You can call or text me at 828-332-2508 or stop by the gym (Legacy Fitness Franklin) at 41 Bates Crossing.   I’m on Instagram as PudgeGetsFit_17 and on Facebook at PudgeGetsFit.  I look forward to connecting with you soon!