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Pudge Wear:

Remind yourself what you’re about.  Annnnnd show your commitment to your hold at the same time. These designs are available on clothing, bags, waterbottles, etc.  Click the blue link to be taken to my cafepress store!

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This is my go-to for not only workouts on the go, but I also use this in my group classes! It’s super strong and sturdy and allows you to work areas like your back and legs in new and helpful ways. If you’re looking for a piece of equipment to add to your home gym, or travel bag, this is it.

I love these products! I carry my water bottle everywhere I go, so I need something strong enough to live up to my life– and be trusted not to leak on things when I toss it in a bag.  The Corkicle design fits in my hand and comes in colors I love.