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High Protein Breakfast Parfait

Y'all.  My kitchen is a construction disaster! And I am just not in the mood to battle the mess to cook.  You've been there, right? But a girl still has to eat. Soooo, here was my quick, no-fuss, but still healthy breakfast plan: High Protein Breakfast Parfait. Here's what I love about it: Greek Yogurt:… Continue reading High Protein Breakfast Parfait

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Raise Your Glass: Cranberry Maple Protein Shake

It finally feels like fall! Good thing I don't have access to all the emojis from my IPhone, or I'd plaster them everywhere.  I'm a fall kinda girl. But I also start to want food that reminds me of fall.  And while I believe in protein, especially Whey, I also want to not taste it.… Continue reading Raise Your Glass: Cranberry Maple Protein Shake


Raise Your Glass: York Patty Edition

As I mentioned in my Pumpkin Spice Shake post, I like whey... in theory.  I love that it's a great way to know that I'm getting the protein I need, and an easily digested, complete amino acid profile... and that's super important for not only muscle building and weight loss, but you know, for life.  Amino… Continue reading Raise Your Glass: York Patty Edition


Lighter Applesauce pork chops

One of the questions I get most frequently isn't how to's how to find time to cook and not lose your mind.    I don't have great answers for that, but I've got some go-to's that get me through when it's one of those weeks. The Crock Pot makes my life happier for sure.… Continue reading Lighter Applesauce pork chops