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“Stayin’ Alive”…when life happens

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I wasn't finding what I needed to read: how to be fit and healthy in the real world. I found plenty of magazines and blogs for elite people who would meal prep with more vigor than most people did anything, and who would pick hotel… Continue reading “Stayin’ Alive”…when life happens

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High Protein Breakfast Parfait

Y'all.  My kitchen is a construction disaster! And I am just not in the mood to battle the mess to cook.  You've been there, right? But a girl still has to eat. Soooo, here was my quick, no-fuss, but still healthy breakfast plan: High Protein Breakfast Parfait. Here's what I love about it: Greek Yogurt:… Continue reading High Protein Breakfast Parfait

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Eat Jelly Beans and Donuts

After learning I had lost 100lbs with only diet and exercise, someone asked me a question that I haven't been able to get out of my head:  "How did you quit eating?" I can't remember what I said, because the question caught me so completely off guard. I'm sure I didn't say anything very helpful… Continue reading Eat Jelly Beans and Donuts

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Myth #31: You Should Do Cardio Before Weights

Every day I see it... people dutifully slogging away at some cardio machine.  First, face palm. Cardio isn't the body-making superstar you think it is.  Cardio burns calories while you're doing cardio, and for a little while afterward.  But muscle burns calories even at rest. There are lots better ways to train than pedaling on… Continue reading Myth #31: You Should Do Cardio Before Weights

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Myth #30: You can spot reduce

When I meet with a new client, the first things they tell me are all the places from they want to lose weight.  She (it's almost always a "she" saying this) points first to her belly, then to her butt, and finally grabs the fat on her arms.  They want me to focus on fixing… Continue reading Myth #30: You can spot reduce

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Myth #29: You can’t follow a meal plan

As this series is coming to an end,  you've heard me mention meal plans a plethora of times. I've told you  You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet.  I've talked about why you need Protein and  said  you need more than you think.  But my mama didn't raise no fool! I know both from my own personal fight experience… Continue reading Myth #29: You can’t follow a meal plan