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“Two-fer” Recipes

Man, I’m loving that the weather in the South is finally getting warm enough to enjoy being outside, and the days are long enough to be able to take advantage of it.  I LOVE being able to have dinner on my deck, and that the food I want is lighter.   But even though I love good eating, and one of my #pudgetruths is “If the food you’re ‘supposed’ to be eating isn’t delicious, you’ll go in search of something that is”, I don’t have tons of time to spend cooking good food, or shopping for a million and a half expensive ingredients.

These recipes are awesome– not just because they’re awesome, but because they’re high protein, fantastics, and share a lot of the same ingredients.  So you know, less aggravation, cost, and effort at the grocery store– win!  If you plan to make both of them this week, just go ahead and brown the whole pound of meat, so you have it ready for the other recipe.

img_1257I’ve finally realized that one of the reasons I wasn’t doing as much cooking as I should was the chopping of vegetables, etc.  Don’t get me wrong– when I’m in the mood to really cook, I love to chop vegetables.  But I do not have time to do that for every meal.  So these handy pre-chopped veggies from my grocery store have been super.  I resisted buying them for a long time because that felt like a waste of money.  But you know what is a much bigger waste of money? Letting them go bad in the fridge because it was too inconvenient to deal with them.  Buying the veggies is a battle I no longer fight with myself! Besides, you can buy a lot of ingredients for what you’d spend on one meal out!

Sooooo, without further ado…

Lightened Up Tropical Taco Stuffed Peppers

The first recipe in this two-fer pair is my lightened up Tropical Taco Stuffed Peppers.  I made them with ground turkey, which saves some calories and fat.  But turkey also contains L-tryptophan.  What? You already knew that because you get so sleepy after Thanksgiving?  Ok, smarty pants. Know what that amino acid does? It’s one of the essentials, meaning that your body can’t make it.  And it not only improves the quality of your sleep, but has a calming effect, reduces anxiety, stabilizes moods, and can reduce food cravings. Oh? You knew that too? Can you name all the essential amino acids– in alphabetical order–backwards? Sadly, I actually can. I’m a blast at cocktail parties.

Something else that I love about this recipe is the use of the red pepper– which is a powerhouse of Vitamin C, antioxidants, B6 and Folate.  Red Peppers also support your mad night vision skills, and provide a slight increase in metabolism.

Some other awesome things about this recipe: it reheats and packs well, it’d be easy to change the number of servings to accommodate your situation, and there are tons of ways to change it!   I know this isn’t one of my usual 10 minutes and done, buuuuuut… the prep time is minimal and not fussy– and there’s a lot you can get done while these beauties are baking.

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“So Easy I Made Them on a Monday Morning” Breakfast Non-Muffins

The other half of this two-fer is my “So Easy, I Made Them on a Monday Morning” Breakfast Non-Muffins.  Really, they’re that easy.  And, they also reheat and pack-well, and have a lot of protein.  Which is good, so you know, you don’t get hangry and snap at your coworkers.  Just sayin…

I accidentally bought the Italian style ground turkey, and love it for this, but regular turkey would be just fine.  You could add some Italian seasoning and call it good.  Use the other half of the browned turkey from the other meal, and this recipe is a snap!

Did you know eggs are a complete protein source? That means they have all nine essential amino acids– so your body can do its work– like healing your wounds, and keeping all your body tissues properly maintained.

Hope these bring some health, sanity, and fun to your week!

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