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Love Your Life Series, #12: Keep Great Quotes

I’m such a fan of words. Sorry, dear people who are reading my posts! I like ‘em a lot! Words, like music, have amazing power to remind us of things, to make us hope (and work) for better, to capture beauty and resilience, and to make us feel things that we didn’t even know we so deeply needed.

One of the very first things my trainer instructed me to do as I started on the journey to what would eventually be a 100 pound weight loss, was to collect inspiring body/strength/motivation etc quotes and put them everywhere. He told me I needed to see them several times a day. He said, “This first part will be easy. Your body wants to do this, and you’ll see noticeable results quickly. But you will eventually hit a sticking point, and you’ll need something that will help you grit your teeth, and keep going.” I’ve been doing that ever since.

I teach my clients and people who attend my seminars to do this same thing. I had to smile one day when I was up in my mom’s computer room and saw a little yellow post-it note with a quote on it taped to her keyboard. She had written down something I said in my seminar, so it was in front of her face every day.

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?I print out great words and put them everywhere that I need reminders. I clip them into pages in my planner, I’ll put them on the refrigerator, I’ll tape them to my mirrors, I’ll put them on my dashboard, and I’ll even use them as my phone screensavers. (The one to the right is my current lock screen!)

When I’m doing my level best to not achieve anything at all (no, that’s not the plan—but let’s be honest, we all do it sometimes) these words help bring me back to myself.

Like this quote, “The Critic.” My high school English teacher had us memorize it, and I’ve been surprised at how many times I’ve pulled it up in my memory in the last 20 years. (And also completely baffled that it’s been 20 years since I learned this! How did that happen?!) It reminds me to do just get on with the business of doing something, without worrying about 1) whether I will be successful and 2) what other people think of what I’m doing.

If you’re looking for great words, Pinterest is a great source of images— and bonus, you can keep them in your phone for handy scrolling when you need them.  If you’re looking for some to get you started, I’ve got two word boards (but heads up— not all of the pins are “family friendly”. Some of them use some language— but sometimes that’s what I’ve needed.  Scroll past those if they offend you!) You can find me on Pinterest as “Pudgegetsfit”


What are your favorite quotes? What do they inspire in you?  Make sure to put these words lots of places!

I’d love to know what they are!  Please share with me in the comments.


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