Love your Life Series: An Introduction

Tomorrow, we start the month o’ love— which is how I’ve started thinking of oooshey gooshey February. I’ve never been a been fan of Valentine’s Day for a lot of reasons: it feels like something Hallmark made up to sell cards and chocolates, it feels like a forced showing of love (and if you don’t believe me: try not getting your sweetie something, or getting the wrong thing. This is perhaps not the time to get the love of your life a toaster), and whether you’re single or attached, there’s a lot of pressure. Even for kids, this is a high pressure holiday– making sure you pick out the right cards to give your classmates, then comparing how many you got to how many the cute little cheerleader type got. Besides all that, the holiday is a carboholic’s nightmare with all the chocolate in shiny wrappers, actually screaming my name. I feel like I should walk around with blinders and my hands over my ears going “LALALALALALALA” as I walk through the stores. I could live without this holiday, and much prefer to love hard all year.

However, I concede that it’s not going away. Soooooo it’s probably not worth me fighting.

But, as I talk to more and more people, I hear from them a feeling of overwhelm. I hear people feeling like life is just handing it to them right now. (But then recognize that right now isn’t really ever going away.) I hear people looking for perfect– as in a perfect time to get started, or a perfectly healthy day– and the more I hear it, the more I realize there’s no such thing. We’re more stressed out than ever, less content than ever, and we’re turning to whatever we can to either numb ourselves or feel like we’ve got a handle on life. I’ll be talking about stress and how it affects the body in March, but in February, I’m dedicating the month to small things that make a big difference in your quest to be a life-loving person.

I’m a fitness consultant (personal trainer) and not a psychologist or counselor. I’ve realized though, that you can’t separate a person from their life. A person’s stuff follows them into the gym, into the grocery store, into the drive thru line, into all their choices, and finally into bed at night. The body only has so much energy and so many resources, and if it’s spending everything on handling life, it doesn’t have anything left to work on your goals. I’ve been there.

During February, I’ll be sharing what’s helped me: the habits I’ve made stick, and the ones I’m still working to adopt. If there’s going to be a whole month consumed with love, maybe there’s a place to begin practicing loving ourselves, and making live’s we love– or can at least live with!

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Let’s get on with a month of loving our lives!

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