Pudge Proud

When people learn the title of this blog, they either laugh and say something like “What? Are you serious?” or they look at least slightly appalled. Sometimes well meaning friends and family will say “But look at you! You’re not pudgy any more!” They want to be certain I’m not feeling sorry for myself or have some sort of complex about my weight. (Worry not! My self esteem is healthy these days, and I’m not about self deprecation!)

The title is a throwback to a blog I kept when I was a pastor and starting my weight loss journey (in the Deep South, where anything that didn’t move too fast was fried.) I called that blog “The Pudgy Parson”. But “Pudge” was born a long time later, when I made a remark to my trainer and said “When I get my body, you can call me ‘Pudge’… you know, when it’s funny.” Except that it stuck– and we both loved it. It became this thing larger than itself. It became a compliment when I was working hard or seeing progress, a not so subtle nudge when I was slacking. It’s a reminder of who I’ve been, but more of a reminder who I’m becoming.

When this blog started taking shape, I imagined it becoming a community of people all working toward better. In some sense, we’re all Pudge. Because, really, Pudge is:

  • Anyone who refuses to quit on themselves, and will not let their past mistakes determine their future.
  • Anyone who makes their health and well-being a priority through their choices and actions.
  • Anyone who works day in and day out to become comfortable in their own skin.
  • Anyone who realizes that being strong enough to do all the things your life requires, and all the things that makes your heart come alive is something not to be compromised.
  • Anyone who knows they have so much amazing in them, and fights to bring it to the surface.

Sometimes when I’m in the gym, and I’m having one of those “it’s you vs. you” moments where my brain is telling me it’s ok to back off and my heart is saying “ooooooh no. We’ll be having none of that”, I look in the mirror and say “Make Pudge Proud.” It reminds me to practice what I preach, to stop whining, and get my grit.

But I see Pudge Proud at work other places too. I see my clients who would have really liked to quit ten minutes ago still eeeeeking out just one more rep. I see the women in my classes put their heads down in silent determination to just keep going, even though they are way outside their comfort zones. I see it when someone comes to me and tells me (even though I usually already know) that they haven’t been following their meal plan, but they nailed it yesterday and today– and that they already have their meals prepped for tomorrow. I see it in the ones whose bodies are throwing temper tantrums, but they show up for themselves anyway.

Pudge Proud isn’t being perfect. Pudge Proud isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. And Pudge Proud isn’t a title you get just because you’re skinny. Pudge Proud is earned.

Pudge Proud isn’t about your body– it’s something that everyone can be regardless of whether they have a great body they love, or whether they are just starting on the road to better. Pudge Proud is about how you do life.

Pudge Proud happens every single time you choose your health and your body over convenience, the easy route, or what everyone else is doing.

Pudge Proud is when you show up for yourself, despite 1000 other things that are trying to get in your way.

Pudge Proud shows up when you find ways to love your body even though it’s not there yet– but it’s also a determination to not stop until you’ve seen all the successes you want to see.

Pudge Proud happens when you realize that the most important prescription you’ll ever receive is for diet and exercise– and that with those things, you can eliminate many of the other prescriptions you’ve been given.

Pudge Proud happens when you fall down and get up, when you make a mistake and then resolve to be better tomorrow (and follow through with your resolve.)

Pudge Proud is choosing better, fighting for “more”, and flat out refusing to settle.

Pudge Proud is an attitude, an aspiration, and awesomeness.

What are you doing that makes you Pudge Proud? As you go through your day, what choices can you make that make you Pudge Proud? Maybe it’s choosing the Chicken Breast over the Triple stacked, super slathered whatever. Maybe it’s going to the gym when you’d rather binge on Netflix. Maybe it’s bumping up your intensity and giving it One. More. Rep. Whatever it is, I’d love to know about it. If you’re on instagram, please take a pic– even a sweaty selfie– and use the hashtag #pudgeproud. If you’re on Facebook, please leave your Pudge Proud pic and comments on the Pudge Gets Fit page. Help me make a community of people who are dedicated to their bodies, their health, and their well-being.

Today is a Great! Day to be amazing! Make yourself Pudge Proud: every day, every choice.

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