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Happy Good Riddance Day!

I was watching Good Morning America the other day, which is part of my weekend ritual after discovering their weekend anchor's books and podcast on meditation.  (I'll write a post later but Dan Harris' books, 10% Happier and Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics are pretty awesome.  Harris has a personality that could maybe make me interested in… Continue reading Happy Good Riddance Day!


Remember Who You Are

Merry Christmas! (An entirely appropriate greeting still since Christmas officially begins on Christmas Day! You know... the more you know and all that...) I hope you had a wonderful, and joyful day of celebration. And if you didn't, even if nothing felt right, or went right, or the ghosts of people you miss were just… Continue reading Remember Who You Are


A Blue Christmas, and When You NEED to Bake Christmas Cookies

There isn't a song I hate more in the entire canon of awful music than "Blue Christmas". It's enough to make me say ugly things just because it interrupted my otherwise festive, Christmas music filled drive. Buuuuuut... even though I can't stand the music, I get it. In some way that most of us can't… Continue reading A Blue Christmas, and When You NEED to Bake Christmas Cookies

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Play Like a Champion Today

I've been working like a dog, or busy bee, or a chicken with its head cut off? Yeah, it's like that.  And there's some hard stuff-- the kind that comes with being a living, breathing person and loving other living, breathing people. Life, y'know? Yes, yes... I bet you do.  You've been a caregiver.  You've… Continue reading Play Like a Champion Today