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Savory Breakfast Cups

I’m a big fan of eggs, and eat them almost every morning.  They’re a great source of easily assimilated amino acids, and there’s no end to the ways you can cook them. Besides, they’re a pretty good source of important B vitamins, which among other thing, help metabolize carbohydrates.

But I don’t always have time to cook my eggs before I dash off (hellloooo, weekly 7:30 a.m. meeting!) So these savory breakfast cups are great to make ahead.  They’re portable and reheat well.

These days, I’m paleo-ish.  I focus on proteins and fruits and vegetables and don’t eat much else.  I try to avoid sugar unless it’s right before my workout, and I don’t eat gluten.  It’s also got some onions, which are prebiotic fiber (which gives your probiotics something to eat!).  It’s flavored with fall flavors like sage, which is what makes your Grandmother’s stuffing taste like stuffing.  Besides that, sage is fantastic for helping your concentrate, remember things, and even lifting your mood.  (It also aids in preventing fatigue and sore throats!)

I love knowing what spices do for my body, and keep the below book handy when I’m creating recipes. It’s a great resource if you love to cook! (If you’re interested in purchasing it anyway, please click on the picture to be taken to my Amazon Associates link.  I receive a small commission from products that are purchased through my links.  Your purchase helps support this blog!)

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Ready for an easy, healthy morning? Here you go! Make ’em ahead and reheat when you’re ready! When I sent this picture to my dad, he said “Wow and with candles, and everything.”  You bet! When I cook, I make it a thing. I don’t have time to really cook during the week, so I look forward to my kitchen time on the weekends.  Do what works for you!

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