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Myth #29: You can’t follow a meal plan

As this series is coming to an end,  you’ve heard me mention meal plans a plethora of times. I’ve told you  You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet.  I’ve talked about why you need Protein and  said  you need more than you think.  But my mama didn’t raise no fool! I know both from my own personal fight experience with meal plans and working with clients who won’t haven’t followed a meal plan that nobody gets particularly jazzed about following one.

What if I told you that following a meal plan was the only way you could get to your goals? That no matter how hard you worked in the gym, nothing would happen without proper nutrition?  Or what if I said that proper nutrition could make a huge difference in how many medications you were taking? Would you be more interested then?

Truth be told, probablmy not.

Why? You have a lot of reasons.   Any of these sound familiar?

  1. I don’t have time:  I might have been the only teenager to have ever appreciated our “standardized dress” dress code in high school. Why? Because we only had so many top and pants choices.  It saved me a ton of time! A meal plan is sort of like that. Once you learn how to work it,  it’s right there.
  2. I don’t eat a lot of things:  A meal plan doesn’t mean you’re gonna be eating brussels sprouts and oysters, unless you especially like them. A pro will include foods you love or you won’t stick to it.
  3. I don’t want to eat the same thing every day: Who could blame you? A meal plan doesn’t have to be boring.
  4. I like to eat out:  A meal plan is all about learning how to eat. Because I’ve lived by meal plans, I never worry when I eat out.  Aside from the sodium, I know how to eat to maintain my goals. (And if I know I’m going to eat out, I back waaay down on my sodium the rest of the day.)
  5. I don’t want to just eat chicken: No, why would you? Since a meal plan teaches you how to eat responsibly, you learn how to substitute your favorite foods.  The meal plans my trainer has created have included everything from waffles with peanut butter to ice cream to pork chops to guacamole, besides standard fare like strawberries and yogurt. Throughout the whole process, I’ve never felt cheated or deprived.

If one thing changed my relationship with food, it was a meal plan.  Instead of restricting me, it taught me how to eat and in some ways sort of set me free. I worry a lot less about what I’m eating and when I’m following it, I don’t feel guilty about what I’m eating. (ok, ok… I’ve gone crazy train once or twice.  It happens.  But mostly eating a meal plan just feels easy.)

Talk to your trainer about a meal plan, or if you don’t have one, contact me.  There’s a $5 off coupon on my facebook page!

In tomorrow’s post:

Why training a body part may not help you see definition…

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