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Myth #24: Supplements Work for Fat Loss

supplementsI’ve already told you that if there was a diet train between 2000-2014, I was on it.  But the truth is that I tried my fair share of supplements too.  I’d save my money, cringe at the cost, but figure that eventually I’d stumble on the golden ticket.  I mean, something had to work, right? After all, I was trying everything else.  (Turns out I didn’t know what I was doing, and all the haphazard trying of things wasn’t helping anything, but I was trying!) But even once I had a trainer, and had lost a significant amount of weight, I still had that bug.  I wanted more, and I wanted it faster.  I wanted to bust through a plateau without having to work harder or eat smarter. Every time I told my trainer about the latest product I’d seen, he’d roll his eyes.  After a while, he’d roll his eyes then walk off.  I eventually quit talking to him about taking supplements to aid in weight loss.  But it didn’t always keep me from trying, because I was convinced that maybe he didn’t know everything. 

But now, I understand the eye rolling.  Because really, even the fancy supps touted in fitness magazines aren’t something to write home about.  I’ve tried BCAA’s (but these are in whey protein already).  I’ve tried CLA (but this is found in your quality sources of meat.). I’ve done preworkouts (which are basically caffeine, sugar, and B vitamins.  Drink a cup of coffee, and stay on top of your multi!) I’ve done thermogenics, which are supposed to help your body burn more calories.  Nothing really had any great effect.

Here’s what works:

  • Eating the right number of calories for your needs.  If you didn’t catch this Post, it’s worth the read.
  • Getting the right amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates for your body.
  • Lowering your stress
  • Moving appropriately for your body, including building lean muscle.
  • Having a can-do attitude, and pushing through plateaus.

Sorry, no magic pills here!

In Tomorrow’s Post:  Why Fat is Your Friend

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