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Pudgy Award: Best Ice Cream

Here’s something new I’m trying:  The Pudgy Award! It’s hard to be a Fit Chick or…er…uh… Ripped Chip? But some products, people, places, and ideas do help.  So, voila! The Pudgy Award!

Pudgy Awards will be given to those things which make living a fit and healthy lifestyle easier and better.  For the record, I’m not making any money or getting any kickbacks off these products (but if someone in the know happens to be reading this, and wants to sponsor me, you know…) so I’m being completely honest.

This week’s (and the Inaugural!) Pudgy Award goes to:

Halo Top Ice Cream


When I first read about it in a women’s fitness magazine, I rolled my eyes.  I generally feel about “healthy” products like I do the third sequel to a not so great move: “Seriously? Why?”

But I decided to take off my  “#1 Judgy Pants” hat and actually try it.  The premise was simple enough:  you could eat a whole PINT (!!!!) of ice cream for less than 300 calories.  And it had protein.  Pairing protein with your carbohydrates is a great thing, not just because “yay, protein”, but also because protein (and fats) slow the absorption rate of carbs.  Translation: no sugar spike and subsequent crash.  Also no hangy (So hungry you get angry.  Nope, didn’t make that one up.  I’m one of those cool kids who uses all the right lingo.  Or something.) feelings like you usually get when you just eat a carb fest by itself.

I don’t know anyone who’s ever eating their feelings and accidentally eaten a whole pint of ice cream, but if I did know such a person, I’d absolutely recommend this to them. The taste actually delivers! Truth: the texture isn’t bad, but it isn’t quite the same as the ice cream you’re used to eating.  Get over that part.  The taste makes up for it!

If you’re having a great day and wanna celebrate (not that you’re rewarding yourself with food, of course) or if you’re having a terrible day and going to sob into some food item, Halo Top is a good bet.  You could, in theory, eat a whole pint… for a lot less harm than most other snacks.  Or you could, you know, eat an actual serving.

Halo Top has a ton of flavors (though if you live in a small town, you may have a hard time finding a selection).  I’ve tried Lemon, Chocolate, Oatmeal Cook, Mint Chip, and Cookies and Cream, and I’ve loved them all!

Have a healthy living product you love? Tell me about it! If it rocks my world too, I’ll feature it as a Pudgy Award so other people can have their worlds rocked!

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