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Myth #12: Detoxing will help you lose weight

Everyone has heard of this cleanse or that, and most of us have (embarrassingly) tried at least one.  The idea seeems great: the environment and the food you’re eating isn’t great, so your body is hanging on to stuff it shouldn’t.  And if you get rid of the “stuff”, voila! You wake up skinnier.

This myth actually has a teeny kernel of truth in that detoxing can help you lose weight. Detoxes can pull all sorts of things out of your body, including water and vital nutrients.  Your body is 70-80% water, and water weighs 7lbs per gallon, so you know.  Lose water, lose pounds. 

While detoxing may help the number on the scale go down (and may rid you of a little bloat), that’s all it’s doing. Which is just enough to make an avid scale watcher shout for joy.  Buuuuuut… you’re not losing fat, which has a lot more to do with you hating what you see in the mirror than any temporary bloating might.  If you’re looking to beat the bloat the healthy way, try drinking more water.  Fun fact (well, no not actually fun… kind of annoying unless you’re turning into shoe leather in the desert): when you’re dehydrated, your body turns on a hormone called ADH, which stands for Anti-dureric hormone. Basically, your body turns you into a camel and stores all. The. Water. 

If it’s the amount of fat you have that’s weighing you down (sorry… poor pun), then there’s no pill or cleanse or voodoo magic that will help permanently.  It’s hard work and careful eating. 

Still judging your workout based on how sore you are? Check out tomorrow’s post! 

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