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Myth #8: You can turn fat into Muscle

I hear this one around the gym all the time.  I don’t know, maybe some people mean it colloquially. Or maybe they don’t know.  So  let’s just get this out of the way here.  The idea of turning fat into muscle is…uhem… bro science.  Here’s the real deal: Muscle and Fat are two completely different types of tissue and one cannot turn into the other one. Period.  What can happen is that you can build muscle and you can lose fat.

And here’s an equally annoying truth.  You can’t build muscle and lose fat at the same time.  Losing fat requires being in a calorie reduced state, where as you cannot build muscle in a calorie deficeit.  Each of these goals requires specific things, and your best bet is to recruit someone knowledgeable to help you achieve your goals.

Someone designed this shirt to be cute.  But if someone can turn fat into muscle– they really do have a super power! 
Has someone told you that you need to be concerned about your BMI? Read tomorrow’s post…


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