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Myth #6 Exercising in the Morning is best 

Yeah, we’ve all heard it.  Annnnd there are some good things about it, including:

  • Consistency– sometimes it’s easier to get your workout in before the day runs away with you.
  • Starting the day on a high note– I’m a big fan of Brian Tracy’s “Eat that Frog”, which suggests doing the toughest things first.  Having a great workout sets the tone for everything else that follows.
  • Extra energy for the rest of your day– We all know that exercise boosts your endorphins, which are your body’s natural “uppers”.  Taking advantage of this in the morning helps you get rolling on an awesome, energy filled rest of the day.
  • Resetting your body’s natural circadian rhythm– exposure to light early in the day helps your body return to it’s natural waking and sleeping patterns, that are often disrupted by exposure to artificial light after the sun goes down.

But there are some downsides too: You don’t have as much food in your body, which (often) lowers the intensity at which you are able to train. You’ve been

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    fasting all night (uh… break fast… think about it), and your body has been busy doing its repair work. It needs nutrients to get you ready to go all in.
  • You’re probably also a little dehydrated.  Same idea here.  You’ve gone without fluids for hours.
  • You’re gonna need longer to warm up.  Your body has been hibernating.  It’s gonna take it some time to really start firing on all cylinders.

So what’s the net net? The best time to train is when your body feels best and your schedule allows.  Some people do really well in the mornings– that’s how they’re wired.  And that’s fine.  But just so we’re clear, there’s nothing magic about exercising in the mornings. 

Me? I love low intensity things like walking and yoga in the mornings.  They help me wake up, and get my attitude in a good place to meet the day.  But I go hard in the afternoons.
In love with the scale? Check out tomorrow’s post to see why that may not be your best bet.


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