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Myth #5: The _________ Diet is the Most Effective

If there was a diet bandwagon between 2000-2014, I was probably on it.  I tried everything:  Weight Watchers (where I impressively gained weight), Atkins, The Zone, Best Life, even The Grapefruit Diet.  I did lose some weight on Atkins, but I put it all back on.  The only “diet” that worked for me was The Dysentary Diet (I lived in Africa for 3 months.  I’m not endorsing that diet, just so we’re clear!) 

Now there’s a whole gaggle of other diets that are getting in attention:  The Paleo Diet, The Whole 30, Ketosis, and in our town, something called the 20/30. Do any of these work? Yes.  Annnnnd nooooooooooo. (Definitely more no!). The work for a time, until they don’t. They work, until you reach a nasty plateau.  They work until you come off them, even a tiny little bit. 

But let me just be very honest here.  Any one can lose weight on almost any diet. But the kicker is that more often than not, you’re not losing fat.  Did you know that for every gram of carbohydrate you’re storing, you’re storing 3-4 grams of water.  So if you start drastically reducing carbohydrates as is the case on many plans, you’re guaranteed to lose weight just because you are storing less water.  Typically people lose 7-10 pounds of water when they embark on such a plan.   The real danger, though, (ok ONE of the real dangers) is that unless you are eating appropriately for your needs, you are also losing muscle mass.  Another danger is that when you are restricting things, you’re not getting something you vitally need (hello, vitamins and minerals!). Annnnnd… just gonna set this right here… if you eat too little, your body thinks it’s starving and wants to hold onto everything you eat! 

So what does work? A permanent lifestyle change that includes eating correctly for your needs and moving correctly for your goals. Sorry.  No shortcuts here! 
Heard that exercising in the morning is best for fat loss? Check out tomorrow’s post! 


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