Myths and Giveaways! 

IMG_0193Each day during October, I’ll be tackling a persistant fitness myth that may be sabotaging your progress oooor… making you sound silly to people in the know.

Annnnd I’m hosting some giveaways!

Giveaway #1: Free Meal plan.  All you h ave to do is subscribe by email to the blog (using the “Get Pudge in Your Inbox” box on the right side of the blog) by October 15.

Giveaway #2:  Free Personal Training Session and a T-shirt from a local company. (Company is getting ready to launch–details coming soon!) To be entered in this drawing, like and share each posts with your friends.  Each time you like and share you’ll be enterered to win. (Note:  You must be in Franklin, NC to win a training session… or at least willing to drive to me.)

Giveaway #3:  Grand Prize:  3 Personal Training Sessions and a T-shirt.  Like and Share EVERY post on your Facebook page during the month of October to be entered in a drawing to win the grand prize. Only people who share all posts to their page will be entered to win.  (Note: you must be in Franklin, NC to win a training sesssion… or willing to drive to me.)

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