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How I lost 100 pounds (with no pills, gimicks or fad diets)

I see articles all the time with this same title. And trust me when I say, I’ve read many of them. In fact, there was a day when I would scour the internet looking for them. I read them for I suppose the same reasons you are reading this: I wanted the exact recipe that… Continue reading How I lost 100 pounds (with no pills, gimicks or fad diets)

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Summer On? Game on!

I used to be a winter girl, you know with the coziness of staying huddled up and hibernating for an entire season. I was kind of like a bear that way. I’d put on my warmest (ok, ok frumpiest) piece of clothing, and leave the house only when I had to. I saw Summer as… Continue reading Summer On? Game on!

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Phoenix Promise

My bestie does this annoying thing where he recommends a movie with lessons neatly tucked into them. He's good.  I get sucked in and love the movie rec, temporarily forget this annoying tendency, and then wham-o. I get slapped in the face by a character who has to learn whatever it is he's been trying… Continue reading Phoenix Promise