D-I-Y? Or Don’t…?

I admit it.  I’m cheap. And when money gets tight, I can become downright unreasonable. When things are good, I don’t mind paying what I think an item or service is worth.  Like for Victoria Secret workout pants– they hold up well to my constant wearing annnd they hold everything in a nice shapely fashion. I get them on sale, but they are a good value to me even though I could get spandex cheaper somewhere else.

However, when it comes to services, I’m a proverbial two year old.  I try not to run around shouting “Me do it!”, but its grown-up counterpart is an ever present voice in my head that says, “I’m smart and capable.  I think I can handle that just fine by myself.”  And fairly frequently, I make a mess that requires assistance to clean up.

When I was a poor newlywed, I was itching for some highlights in my hair.  So my husband put a cap on my head and we bleached my mane.  How hard could it be, really?  Evidently harder than I thought. My ENTIRE head was school bus yellow.  And because we lived in Atlanta, it took a $200 visit to a salon to fix it.

IMG_9821I got tired of keeping my nails shellacked, so I just decided instead of going into my nail place and admitting that this was too much adulting for me right now and letting them take this monstrously tough nail polish off, I decided to DIY. I soaked and I filed and I soaked and I filed.  That was nearly a week ago, now my cuticles are split very badly, and I still haven’t gotten all the polish off.  I’ve been hiding my hands and plan to continue until this mess is in better shape. Sure, I removed it, but I wasn’t very efficient.  For $10 and swallowing my pride, I could have had nice polish free hands.

This is also the attitude I see in the gym.  People sign up, with their best intentions on display, and then they head right to the treadmill.  (WORST piece of equipment in the gym– promise I’ll post on it soon.) Or they play around with a few machines and mimic what they think they have seen other people do– which very often causes a holy panic in me when I watch them nearly jerk their shoulder out of place.  At this point, I stop and ask if I can show them something, you know, because an arm hanging limply out of place is just no fun for anyone. Then try to follow meal plans they see in magazines that don’t make any sense for the goals they are trying to achieve, or for their bodies.  They don’t see any results and quit the gym within two months.   Note, I didn’t become 250lb “Pudge” by doing things the right way.  Uhem. Been there, done that, got the XXL tshirt. But I wonder how much easier my journey would have been had I not done what I just described.  Sigh. And for the record, I became Kim 2.0 only with some help.  I could never have done it on my own! And even after losing 100lbs and becoming a trainer myself, I still have a trainer.

Twice last week I had the experience of having people say to me “I don’t know what I’m doing in here.  I don’t want to waste my time, or hurt myself… can you help?” Yes, yes I can! In fact, these are my favorite conversations to have.

Both times, the women expressed their thanks several times.  They made comments about how wrong they had been doing things, or said “Wow– I really felt that” or “I didn’t know that exercise worked that!”

When I was a pastor of a small church, I was always trying to be budget conscious and get volunteers to do things.  One of my leaders (jokingly) always said “Can’t we just hire it done?” I’m trying to adopt this philosophy when I can, and have finally realized that sometimes, when I try to do things myself, I wind up spending more (especially if time is money!)

Most people assume they cannot afford a personal trainer, and limp along, just doing the best they can.  But… it may not be as far fetched as you think.  Even if you can’t afford a 3x per week, one on one gig– you might be able to get a session or two with a trainer.  One of my favorite ways to help people is by meeting with them 2-4 sessions to teach them some basic exercises, and then giving them a program to do on their own for 6-8 weeks.  Once that program becomes stale, they can come back to me for one more session and we’ll change it up so they can  go on their own for another 6-8 weeks.  Their workouts become efficient, and they haven’t invested much.  Yet they’ve saved a ton of time wasting and aggravation.

Another option is group training.  Most trainers can offer considerably reduced rates when training several people at once.  Bonus if it’s a friend– you’ll actually push each other without realizing it!

Getting healthy is not a DIY venture.  It requires some knowledge that most people just don’t have.  Think about this.  Do you change your brakes or turn your rotors by yourself? IMG_9887Do you diagnose yourself and write your own prescriptions?  Do you cut your own hair?  Tattoo yourself?   No, not usually.  Because you know that even if you have the knowledge, it’s probably a lot of hassle that you don’t want– and the likelihood of it turning out to be an epic pinterest fail is great.

My suspicion is that you want to make a change, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.  You want the amazing “before and after” that makes everyone’s jaw drop. If you are like I was, you’ve tried everything  under the sun. (uhem. Grapefruit diet, Military Diet, buying cute pink weights so you can use them at home, reading articles entitled “Walk your way thin!”) I get it.

But let me ask you this.  How come you don’t already have the body you want? Trust me, it’s not for lack of want-to.

And think about this.  Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If going it on your own hasn’t gotten you where you want to be, maybe it’s time to try something different.

Your job is to become the fantastic person you know you’re supposed to be. My job is to give you the knowledge and help you need to get there.





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  1. This is a great article. I really wish I could hire you as my trainer. I feel such a connection to you because our experiences are so similar. Except I am in the beginning stages. I have lost weight on my own before but have always gained it back. I feel like I know what I need to do to be successful, but maybe I really don’t know..? Generally, will a trainer come to my house to help me? Is that a thing? ( I know your trainer did, but he was your friend, too.. maybe he made an exception?) I have a 5 month old baby so it is almost impossible to get to the gym. But I just bought a Concept 2 row machine and I’d be willing to buy whatever else I may need. I’ve never had a trainer or even looked into one for that matter. Could you tell me what a fair price to pay is?

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