D-I-Y? Or Don’t…?

I admit it.  I'm cheap. And when money gets tight, I can become downright unreasonable. When things are good, I don't mind paying what I think an item or service is worth.  Like for Victoria Secret workout pants-- they hold up well to my constant wearing annnd they hold everything in a nice shapely fashion.… Continue reading D-I-Y? Or Don’t…?

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Find Your Tribe

 I was in the throes of a life crisis when I met my hair stylist-- only I didn't know how to call it that then.  I'd recently separated, my job had me stressed to the point I couldn't see straight, and I'd lost about 50lbs-- so even my body felt strange to me.  She gave… Continue reading Find Your Tribe


A Day WITH a Woman

Today has been named "A Day without a Woman".  Lots of women are going on strike to remind the world of the unique contributions they make, to remind the world that women make things happen just like men.  So many female teachers are doing this today that a number of school systems have been shut… Continue reading A Day WITH a Woman


The Best Kept Secret to Weight Loss

When I hand out my business card, I’ve learned to expect to receive the same response. The person glances down, looks up at me, tries to look like they are paying attention, and then looks back at the card—presumbably trying to figure out if those before and after pictures are me. Yes, yes…they are. Don’t… Continue reading The Best Kept Secret to Weight Loss