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%22tell-me-what-is-it-you-plan-to-do-with-your-one-wild-and-precious-life%22-mary-oliverI read a lot of magazines about health and fitness, but more often than not, I come away with the feeling that those “helpful” articles aren’t written for real people, with real, messy lives. I often think, “That’s great– but who can eat salmon and egg whites for the next eight weeks?” or “Awesome workout… if you are already serious about training.”  But what I’m not seeing is help for the person who is too intimidated to even walk into a gym.  I’m not reading things geared toward people who won’t say it out loud, but who think they might have gotten so far out of shape that they can’t ever come back.

I’ve been there!  You can read more about my story on “Who is Pudge”.  I hope “Pudge” is a place where you come as you are and let me offer some things that might help you get to where you want to be.  I’ll be posting some things about exercise, nutrition, motivation, and… life!


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